The Matching Pairs Game 2

Train your memory!


  • Two or Three of a kind game mode
  • 5 themes included: Animals, Doodles, Fruits, Jobs, Monsters
  • Create custom themes with your own pictures and sounds
  • Play with up to 3 players or against the computer
  • Customize the cards with several choices
  • Pictures and sounds

Premium version

While the App is free, if you unlock the Premium version you can enjoy following advantages:

  • No advertisement
  • Up to 4 players
  • Custom themes have a maximum of 32 pictures (instead of 16)


The Matching Pairs Game 2 is a concentration game, in which matching pairs of cards have to be uncovered with the least possible number of clicks. Fun is guaranteed, as the card pairs may consist of two or three individual pairs. Own pictures can be used as card motives. Thus, a personal and individual game can be created in no time at all.

But you’re not limited to pictures! The Matching Pairs Game 2 introduces sound themes! Can you match the animal sound to the correct picture?

The game board is adjustable at pleasure and consists of 4 or 6 cards respectively, up to a maximum of 48 cards. Three degrees of difficulty are available, controlling the performance of the computer as player. The game runs on any Apple iPad and can be played alone or with up to 4 players. Each player can use his name and an avatar.

The integrated statistics function contains a great deal of interesting information. You can examine, simply by clicking, how often games have been won and how many steps were needed to do so, how often solitaire mode was played and much more.

The Matching Pairs Game 2 is a game for the entire family and players of any age.

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If you ever enjoyed the old school concentration card matching games when you were a kid then your going to be in for a treat with The Matching Pairs Game 2 available exclusively for your iPads. [..] The Matching Pairs Game 2 will be sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. – Read the full review at: Monster Mobile Marketing

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The game is suitable for the entire family and can be played by people of any age. The Matching Pairs Game 2 is indeed a very fun and entertaining game.
– Read the full review at: iPad Apps Review Online

iPad Apps Review Online

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